How to Save Big on New 2016 Toyota Vehicles

Don’t Pay More than You Have to For Your New 2016 Toyota Vehicles

It’s that time again! When the new 2016 Toyota vehicles start hitting the market, and you finally have the chance to test drive the latest releases and find the one that’s right for you. Worried that a test drive is as far as you’ll be able to get due to financial concerns? Leave your worries behind by saving big on your new car. 2016-Toyota-Corolla-Special-Edition-101-876x535

Spend Less on New 2016 Toyota Vehicles

There are a few things you can do to ensure that you keep your wallet happy when shopping for new 2016 Toyota vehicles. First, look for a dealership that doesn’t charge dealer fees, which can save you as much as $699. Next, check to see if there are any vehicle incentives being offered by the manufacturer. Finally, visit a dealer with a reputation for offering the best prices around.


Buying a New 2016 Toyota Vehicle Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

The bottom line is that by thinking smart and doing a bit of research, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get behind the wheel of new 2016 Toyota vehicles. So which 2016 Toyota model is right for you? Visit your local dealership and find out.

Contact Sun Toyota online, or call (844) 250-4271 to find out more about how to save on new 2016 Toyota vehicles.

Hard to Beat Reliability, Find Your Used Toyota Corolla in Wesley Chapel Now

Nothing Compares to the Reliability of a Used Corolla in Wesley Chapel

Great value is a hard thing to come by. Sometimes it can seem like the only way to get a truly dependable car is to spend a lot of money, and then once you own it, you end up spending a comparable sum on maintenance and repairs. Forget all of that with a used Toyota Corolla in Wesley Chapel, the most reliable car on the road for more than 40 years.


Decade After Decade of Dependability with a Used Toyota Corolla in Wesley Chapel

When it comes to pure reliability, the used Toyota Corolla in Wesley Chapel is the industry heavyweight champion. The Corolla is built to last, and the fact that there are so many of them that have been driving for 20 years or more just goes to show their unrivaled value. And not only will the Corolla keep driving, but it’s maintenance costs are significantly less than almost every competitor.


Discover the Quality of a Used Corolla in Wesley Chapel Today

Don’t take our word on it – test drive a used Corolla in Wesley Chapel and experience its all around quality for yourself. When it comes to long term value, no other model can compare.

Contact Sun Toyota online, or call (844) 351-4487 to schedule a test drive of a used Toyota Corolla in Wesley Chapel.

Find the Best Used Car for Your Budget in Clearwater – the Toyota Prius

Reviewers Love the Used Toyota Prius in Clearwater Available Now at Sun Toyota

When it comes to finding your next vehicle, you need to get behind the wheel of something that will give you the best value for your budget. Look no further than a used Toyota Prius in Clearwater, named the Best Used Car for Any Budget by Consumer Reports.

2015 Toyota Prius Available during Toyotathon
2015 Toyota Prius Available during Toyotathon

Discover the Unrivaled Value of a Used Prius in Clearwater

Why did Consumer Reports give the used Toyota Prius in Clearwater such a shining recognition? Because when it comes to getting the most for your money no matter what you’re looking to spend, nothing beats the efficiency, reliability, safety, great tech features, and affordability of a used Prius.

2014 Toyota Prius c - Sun Toyota Blog

Test Drive a Used Toyota Prius in Clearwater at Sun Toyota

Are you ready to find out what sets a used Prius in Clearwater apart from the pack? Then visit Sun Toyota and check on out for yourself. And don’t just look – makes sure that you take the time to test drive it, and see what all the talk is about.

Contact Sun Toyota online, or call (844) 351-4487 to schedule a test drive of a used Prius in Clearwater.

Make Your Search for a Certified Used Toyota Corolla in Spring Hill Easy

Are you searching for a used Toyota Corolla for sale in Spring Hill?  Have you considered all the benefits of choosing Toyota Certified used Corolla in Spring Hill?  The ever-popular compact sedan, a used Corolla in Spring Hill is a perfect choice for the driver looking for the car that will do it all.  Versatility, reliability, and long-term value all set the Certified used Toyota Corolla for sale in Spring Hill apart from the competition, but you should also be aware of the benefits of buying a certified Corolla vs. a traditional used car.


The Benefits of Choosing a Certified Used Corolla in Spring Hill vs. a Traditional Used Car

At Sun Toyota, we know it stands to reason that the better a product is made the longer it will last, and that’s why we put every Certified used Corolla in Spring Hill through a rigorous certification process.  Each candidate for certification can be a current model year vehicle, up to and including six-year-old models, with 85,000 miles or less on the odometer.  Every Certified used Toyota Corolla for sale in Spring Hill then is subject to a thorough vehicle history report and a 160-point inspection and reconditioning process. Along with reconditioning comes another advantage; an exceptional warranty. With a 12-month/12,000-mile Comprehensive Warranty, a 7-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty, plus one full year of Roadside Assistance, honored at more than 1,400 Toyota dealers in the U.S. and Canada, we’ve got you covered!

Learn More about the Benefits of Buying a Toyota Certified Used Corolla in Spring Hill, or Test Drive a Corolla Today: Contact us online, or call (844) 250-4271

Compare Oranges to Oranges: Your New Toyota Vehicle Warranty is a Step Above the Rest

When you buy a new car, getting a good warranty is important – and that’s why at our Toyota dealer serving Clearwater, we went above and beyond with out Nationwide Warranty coverage.  Other dealerships offer warranties that are pretty good – 100,000 mile / 10 year warranties aren’t uncommon these days, and some dealerships will even extend those for additional costs, the necessity to perform additional maintenance and service, and other hoops to jump through.

Here at Sun Toyota serving Clearwater, we believe you deserve better than that.  Toyota vehicles are the most dependable cars in the world, so we’ve giving you a 200,000 mile / 20 year Nationwide Warranty to back that up!


How the 200,000 Mile / 20 Year Nationwide Warranty Works – Only at Sun Toyota, the Premier Toyota Dealer Near Clearwater

The Nationwide Warranty is backed by ARCH Capitol Group Ltd ( ARCH ), an “A+” rated company, and it applies to all new vehicles, PLUS we’ll even apply it to select pre-owned vehicles that are 9 calendar years old or newer with 100,000 miles or less, have passed our Nationwide Warranty Certification Program, and a CarFax or similar inspection.  You get an outstanding warranty that is valid for 20 Years and 200,000 miles from the date of purchase – for instance, a pre-owned vehicle with 75,000 miles at delivery will be covered for 275,000 miles and 20 years!

So, how much will this new Nationwide Warranty cost you?  Zero.  We proudly supply the Nationwide Warranty as a value to our customers, so it will come standard with every new and qualifying used vehicle.  No additional maintenance is required, and there is no requirement to have all your vehicle’s service performed at our Toyota dealer near Clearwater (though if you do, we’re sure our award winning service department will certainly exceed your expectations).  As long as you have the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance as outlined in your owner’s manual, you’re covered by a warranty that is good at any licensed repair shop in the United States or Canada.

For more information on the 200,000 mile / 20 year warranty, visit our Nationwide Warranty page.  To test drive a new Toyota near Clearwater, contact us online or call (844) 250-4271.


Sun Toyota Explains How to Find New Toyota Offers and Specials

Where to Look for New Toyota Vehicles for Sale

Are you in the market for a new car? Last month we shared a few thoughts on why you should get behind the wheel of a new Toyota vehicle. This month Sun Toyota would like to discuss how you go about finding the best new Toyota offers and specials.


Finding the Best New Toyota Offers

When it comes to shopping for new Toyota vehicles, there are a number of things to keep in mind. What many people don’t realize is that the best new Toyota offers include more than just a great price. Yes, a good sticker price is important, but the best offers involve additional new Toyota specials like dealership markdowns. You also want to look for the best service and selection possible. Bottom line – the best new Toyota offers take into account every aspect of the purchasing and ownership experience.

Sun Toyota completed new dealership holiday florida-8.22.11

How to Search for New Toyota Vehicles for Sale

Think of it this way – if a dealership isn’t putting your needs first in every way, they don’t have the best new Toyota offers. Whether they’re helping you with the shopping process, with securing financing, or providing maintenance down the road, your satisfaction should be their #1 priority.

Check back regularly to learn more tips on finding the best new Toyota offers and specials, or call Sun Toyota at (844) 250-4271.


A Few Tips from Sun Toyota on How to Avoid New Toyota Financing Scams

Don’t Get Scammed: What to Avoid When It Comes to New Toyota Financing

When you’re looking to secure new Toyota financing, going through an honest lender is key. You’d be surprised at how often shoppers get ripped off by dealerships and lenders who use shady practices. Last month we discussed a bit about how to secure financing on new Toyota vehicles. Now we at Sun Toyota would like to point out a few things to avoid.


Common New Toyota Financing Scams

The number one thing you need to look out for are “packed payments”, in which dishonest dealers will pad monthly payments by tacking products and services onto the loan that you didn’t ask for, such as GAP insurance or extended warranties. Then there’s the spot delivery scam, which involves allowing the shopper to take the car home, then calling and saying that the financing fell through and that the car must be returned. The dealer will then attempt to pressure you into paying a higher interest rate or down payment.


Find 100% Transparency for New Toyota Financing

These are the two most common scams that you might encounter when it comes to finding new Toyota financing, so be sure to do your research and only patronize dealerships with a reputation for honesty.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to secure new Toyota financing, or call Sun Toyota at (844) 250-4271.

Sun Toyota Explains How to Find the Best Deals on New Toyota Vehicles for Sale

A Few Tips on Finding the Best New Toyota Offers

When it comes to finding the best deals on new Toyota vehicles, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. The simple fact is that the lowest price isn’t just going to jump out at you. Last month we at Sun Toyota discussed why you should always look for the best new Toyota offers, so now let’s take a look at how to find them.


How to Find the Best Price on a New Toyota Vehicle for Sale

First off, when you’re looking for a great deal on new Toyota vehicles, you need to make sure that you do your research and find out what a typical price is on the model you’re interested in. Next, look around at reviews of different dealerships in your area and find out what people have to say about their pricing. Finally, find out which dealerships offer added sales incentives on top of already low prices.

Sun Toyota Holiday Florida
Sun Toyota Holiday Florida

You Deserve the Best Deal on New Toyota Vehicles

Why pay more than you have to? Be sure to look around and find the best deal possible, and you’ll end up with some extra gas money in your pocket.

Check back to get more tips on how to save on your next new Toyota vehicle, or call Sun Toyota at (844) 250-4271.

How to Save Money at a Used Toyota Dealer

If you’re like many people in Tampa Bay, you’re always looking for new ways to save money, and one of those ways is by looking into used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicles rather than buying new.  Here at Sun Toyota Holiday, we understand, and we want to help you know what to look for from new and used Toyota dealers from Clearwater to St. Petersburg, to help you save the most money on your used car purchase.
2015 Toyota Camry

Things to Consider when Looking to Save Money at a Used Toyota Dealer

 The first thing to look at is the dealer fee.  If you’re not sure what that means, a dealer fee is an additional charge that nearly every dealer tacks onto the price of your vehicle.  They range from $500 to $700, and it’s always a good thing to ask about, because they’re often negotiable.  Whether you’re shopping for new cars or used, Sun Toyota of New Port Richey will never, ever charge you a dealer fee.
You should also look at the best practices of the dealership you choose – if they have wasteful spending, chances are they’re passing those expenses along.  You won’t find that at Sun Toyota  – our LEED Certified Green business is powered entirely by the banks of solar panels on our roof mean less overhead for us, and that means we can do more to save you cash than any other used Toyota dealer in the Tampa Bay area.

Contact Sun Toyota online or call (844) 250-4271 and see for yourself what a difference shopping at the Suncoast’s friendliest Toyota dealership will do!

Who Should You Buy Your Used Toyota in Suncoast FL From?

Shopping for a used Toyota in Suncoast, FL doesn’t have to be a negative experience.  As the Suncost’s friendliest certified Toyota dealer, we want to take every chance to remind you to do your homework when shopping for used cars in Tampa – not only on the certified used Toyota in Suncoast FL you want to buy, but on the dealerships you can choose to shop at.  Utilizing customer reviews, reputation, and other key factors you can ensure you’re going to get an exceptional car shopping experience – now, speaking personally, we think that dealership is Sun Toyota, but we’ll let you make that decision for yourself.

Sun Toyota for Used Toyota in Suncoast FL

Choosing an Award Winning Dealership for a Used Toyota in Suncoast FL

Every dealership likes to talk about how great they are, but just saying you’re better than the rest doesn’t go very very if we don’t have the reputation to back it up.  At Sun Toyota Holiday, we’re proud to be the only new and used Toyota Suncoast FL dealership who has been honored with the five-star dealer status for the past three years running – that’s every year the award has been offered!  We’re also the Southeast’s very first Gold LEED Certified auto dealership.  Featuring renewable energy sources like solar panels on the roof and utilizing recycled materials in our building materials and even furniture, our dealership is the greenest auto dealer you’re likely to see.  Of course, this helps us save the planet, but it also saves our energy, and that saves you – our valued customers – even more green!

Contact Sun Toyota online or call (844) 250-4271 and see for yourself what a difference shopping at the Suncoast’s friendliest Toyota dealership will do